I was having a rather down day recently. You know how it is; you are going along 100 miles an hour and finally you crash. I was experiencing one of those reality crashes. Reclining in my chair, drinking coffee, I thought of one of my old friends. Oh my, heRead More →

When children are young, parents face many challenges, one of these being the continuous need to change the toddler’s dirty diapers. Due to its unpleasant nature, many parents feel the need to start potty training as soon as possible, but this is not the right way to go about it.Read More →

When you bring keepsake sports theme baby quilts to the shower, you’ll hit a home run with the soon-to-be mom and dad, the family and the awed friends at the party. The Guests Will Cheer In the first place, the guests will applaud your cleverness in choosing a personalized homemadeRead More →

It is just as easy to find cheap custom baby shower invitations as it is to find expensive ones. You just need to have patience and be open to non-traditional methods. Print the Baby Shower Invitations Yourself You can get nice looking generic invitations that you print yourself at partyRead More →

Early on in my stepfamily life I wanted to get on well with everyone, be happy, be energetic and be everyone’s friend – especially the children. For me, the desire to be accepted by them was significant. My stepchildren were then 3 and 9. The desire to be accepted wasRead More →