Battling any serious disease can be a very hard ordeal for seniors and their families, Alzheimer’s and memory care issues can be especially hard to live with. Many families want to give their elderly parents or loved ones the proper care they need, but aren’t capable to provide it themselves.Read More →

Retirement living doesn’t have to be watching television all day. In fact, many facilities now offer a variety of activities to meet the growing demand of active seniors. Of course, as you age your abilities will diminish some, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle down. You canRead More →

Most parents imagined their baby to be tiny, sweet-cheeked little bundle. Little did they know that babies look very different from what they imagined them to be. Babies are born in different shapes and sizes. Some babies are born a reddish purple color while there are babies who are bornRead More →

A baby’s footprint says everything: the innocence, tenderness and charm of a newborn. These values come to mind of anyone who sees it. No wonder it is a favorite theme for occasions that call for such, like that of a baby shower. Here is a guide on how to useRead More →

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and I appreciate it so very much. I recognize I’m difficult to purchase presents for because I have my books, my pens, what else do I really need? Once in a while I get a Christmas present to beat all Christmas presents.Read More →