I constantly run across step families, or blended families if you prefer, who either have no idea what awaits them or their doors are blown off because they didn’t know it would be like this. They almost always say that it is so much more difficult than they imagined. HowRead More →

One question when preparing for your new baby is how to decorate the crib. If you go in any baby store there are lots of options of cute bumper pads and beautiful matching blankets. You can find them in any theme you want: jungle animals, princess, spider man, and manyRead More →

We shall now create a typical example of what happens to a person who commits suicide for one reason or the other. It does not actually matter the cause, but the results are similar. Let us take a case of a jilted lover. In her opinion, life without her manRead More →

I have a Type-A personality and as such, I am a natural planner. I like to know exactly what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and how it is going to happen at all times and my pregnancy was no different. When we decided that weRead More →