10 Reasons Why Babies Are Crying

It is impossible to ignore the sound of a crying baby. Men and women respond differently to the sound of a crying baby. For women, the cry triggers sympathy and caregiving. For men, they often respond with anger and irritation.

Babies are dependent on their parents. As parents, we should provide them with food, warmth, and comfort that they need. Crying is their way of communicating any of those needs and ensuring a response from you.

So, what are the reasons why they cry?

Your baby…

1… is hungry. The most likely reason they cry is because they are hungry and crying is a late hunger signal.

2… is overwhelmed. Too much stimulation can stress them. Sudden or ongoing loud noises, over handling by visitors, and other sensory overloads can lead to inconsolable crying in babies.

3… is bored. Boredom can also cause distress in babies and they need a variety of sensory experiences all day.

4… needs comfort. It is not a surprise that they experience growing pains along the way. They need reassurance and parental presence to comfort them.

5… needs sleep. An over-tired baby is miserable because sleep occurs easily. As a parent, you have to support him with calming and soothing strategies to relax him and to make him fall asleep.

6… feels pain. Babies experience pain like adults. If your infant is crying beyond normal, consult your doctor right away.

7… needs touch. Touch reassures them and meets their sensory needs for physical contact. A distressed baby will enjoy a massage and it also helps the parents to bond with their baby.

8… is lonely. They are not designed to be alone. Keeping your little ones around and not reducing noise levels during sleep will reassure them that they are not alone.

9… is uncomfortable. Babies’ mobility is limited and they need help when they are feeling uncomfortable. Keeping your baby close will give you cues before he cries extremely.

10… doesn’t know why he is crying. No matter how we try our best to plead with them to tell what’s wrong, they don’t know that they are actually crying. Baby cries sound the same and it is pretty normal if you are feeling helpless.

How to soothe a crying baby?

As you slowly understand your baby’s personality, you will learn various techniques that work best. If a cuddle or a hug doesn’t do the job, then, these methods may help.

1. Play a constant sound. In your womb, he could hear the beat of your heart. Playing a constant sound can have a calming effect.

2. Rock-a-bye baby. Babies loved to be gently rocked. Rock him while walking around, in a baby swing, or in a rocking chair.

3. Try a massage or a tummy rub. Doing this regularly will lessen the chance for your baby to cry.

4. Give him a warm bath. This is one of the best ways to help your baby to calm down.

What if nothing seems to help?

It is normal for babies to cry. If he cries almost constantly, this will never do himself a lasting harm. Never blame yourself if your baby won’t be soothed. Sometimes, accepting that you have a baby who cries a lot can help. Crying is just a phase that your baby must go through. As your baby grows, he will learn ways on how to communicate. When this time happens, the excessive crying will soon stop.

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