Is Baby Reflux Something That Moms Just Have to Live With?

Baby reflux can really put a damper on a mom’s day. Between feedings, naptime, playtime, and bath time, acid reflux in babies can make the already hectic days nearly impossible. New moms especially might find that they’re not sure if there’s anything that can be done about a baby’s reflux. When you find that your baby is uncomfortable due to reflux, keep these 7 helpful tips in mind that can help you and your baby.

Keep your baby in an upright position after feeding

It’s a good idea to hold a baby upright after feedings as it allows gravity to help your baby’s digestion. Some medical experts believe that holding a baby upright and still for at least 30 minutes after a feeding can greatly help keep stomach contents down.

Schedule feeding and naps

Some doctors believe that it’s better to schedule feeding and naps so that there’s time in between each. Putting a baby who suffers from baby reflux down for a nap immediately after a feeding can cause reflux symptoms to appear. Instead, schedule feeding time and naptime so that the baby has time to digest.

Invest in good bottles

If you happen to use bottles, investing in high quality bottles is an option you may wish to consider to help your baby manage reflux. Bottles that are made of a higher quality tend to create less air bubbles, which allow the baby to swallow less air.

Offer feedings and burping more frequently

One way that some moms combat infant reflux is by offering smaller feedings more frequently so that the baby has smaller amounts to digest at a time. In addition to more frequent feedings, burping the baby more frequently can also help babies who have reflux.

Some moms like to thicken milk

Some moms help their babies with digestion by thickening milk with a little bit of baby rice cereal.

A slight incline can help a baby sleep better

Adding a small incline to the head of your baby’s crib can help gravity do its work for baby reflux. Even an incline as small as a pillow under the head can help your baby sleep better at night.

Try an osteopathic treatment

Sometimes osteopathy treatments are a baby’s best bet for helping with reflux. Fully licensed and board certified osteopathic doctors can help to relieve pressure in the baby with cranial osteopathy treatments. Sometimes the problem is an imbalance in the diaphragm or a dysfunction of the esophageal sphincter, which can create tightness in the chest. A medical doctor who specializes in osteopathy can help these conditions by locating the problem areas and repositioning them, which relieves tension and pressure. Some medical experts believe that osteopathic treatments are very safe for babies because they’re gentle, safe, and effective.

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