Planning for an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Since the planet suffers from various manmade activities, it is just necessary to do our own part to help it somehow recover. The good news is that promotion of eco-friendly deeds can now be done with the parties and events such as baby showers. For pro-green environment future parents, there are many ways to include earth conservation messages in baby shower planning and it they are simple enough and do not cost a lot of money.

To start with the baby shower plan, the invitation to be used must not be made of paper but rather it must be through online messaging. It is a good idea to include in the content of the message a green background or wonderful natural scenery that will amaze the recipient. Through this, people who received it can somehow be aware that the earth is still a good place to live with and it deserves our care. In the invitation, it can be a great help to the environment to include a message that requests the guest to bring organic gifts and its packaging instead of those that are made of synthetic materials. If possible, the guests who live near the venue can be requested to walk or have a bicycle ride instead of using cars.

Then, another part of the baby shower planning is the party favors that will be given upon the arrival of the guests in the venue. One good example of organic party favors is fresh fruits and vegetables with a label attached on it that contains an eco-friendly message. Also, art crafts that are made of natural materials can be a good welcome gift to the guests of the baby shower.

An eco-friendly baby shower planning should also include activities that encourages the guest to do their part to save the earth. If possible a brief slide show can be included and a good example of the video clip to be presented is one that shows babies and toddlers having fun in a green field under the bright rays of the sun. It is also a good idea to choose a video presentation that features a toddler hosting it and giving some messages regarding conservation of the environment. Also, having games in the baby shower can add fun in the party and the prizes for the winners may be seedlings or potted plants that can be easily transferred to a real soil.

When it comes to foods, those that must be avoided to be in the menu list are processed foods, fast foods, and junk foods. For an eco-friendly baby shower planning, it is important to have a research of all the possible menus that include fresh fruits and vegetables as well as healthy grains, beans and root crops. With regards to the decoration, organic materials are still advisable to be used and it just requires creativity in making them. Also, it is necessary to provide trash cans in many areas around the venue and encourage the guests to have a zero-waste baby shower as much as possible.

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