The Purpose Of Games

Having baby shower games is not merely a way of ‘killing time’ during the celebration. In fact, there are many reasons behind having this type of activity during showers. Even though some people consider the said event as a solemn celebration for a received blessing, which is the baby, it can’t be denied that games make the celebration alive and better. It’s because of this that it’s just right that people become enlightened about shower games.

“What are baby shower games for?” People who are too skeptical about integrating a fun activity into what they call a ‘supposedly serious event’ often ask this question. However, once they have experienced how great having this activity actually is, they tend to see the baby shower as more memorable.

This is because these games serve as ice-breakers for every participant in the celebration. It can’t be denied that not everyone knows one another when they’re at a shower. This is because there is a higher probability that most of them have only seen each other for the first time there. This is especially true when it comes to the parents’ friends who get to meet their relatives at the celebration.

Through the games, guests will have no choice but to interact with one another. They would have to let go of their inhibitions in order for the celebration to become a success. After all, it’ll be embarrassing for one to spoil the fun just because he’s uncomfortable playing with a newly-met person. During the beginning, one may already expect things to be awkward. However, as the games progress, everyone will just be having fun and they’ll forget about who they know or don’t know just for the sake of keeping the spirit.

Baby shower games also bring people back to their senses or at least to their sober state. Although baby showers have an upbeat and lively ambience to it, some people just can’t fend off boredom or sleepiness. This naturally happens and it doesn’t always signify that the event is a flop but it’s better to avoid misconceptions by keeping the guests up and participative. Playing games will surely snap them back to their alert form which is important in keeping the party’s vibes alive.

Due to these reasons, you shouldn’t think twice about incorporating games into your shower plan. Besides, you have a lot of options out there that range from simple games up to those that needs a lot of movement. Below are some great game ideas you can use for the baby shower you’re planning:

1. Baby Photo Game

For this one, you need to ask the guests to bring their baby pictures which you have to post on a board or wall. Then, you have to ask everyone to guess who’s on each picture by writing their hunch on a paper. The guest with the most number of correct guesses wins.

2. Baby Bottle Drink Off

This is basically a relay game where teams have to compete by drinking all the content of a set of baby bottles. The team that finishes fastest wins.

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