It is impossible to ignore the sound of a crying baby. Men and women respond differently to the sound of a crying baby. For women, the cry triggers sympathy and caregiving. For men, they often respond with anger and irritation. Babies are dependent on their parents. As parents, we shouldRead More →

When children are young, parents face many challenges, one of these being the continuous need to change the toddler’s dirty diapers. Due to its unpleasant nature, many parents feel the need to start potty training as soon as possible, but this is not the right way to go about it.Read More →

When you bring keepsake sports theme baby quilts to the shower, you’ll hit a home run with the soon-to-be mom and dad, the family and the awed friends at the party. The Guests Will Cheer In the first place, the guests will applaud your cleverness in choosing a personalized homemadeRead More →

Most parents imagined their baby to be tiny, sweet-cheeked little bundle. Little did they know that babies look very different from what they imagined them to be. Babies are born in different shapes and sizes. Some babies are born a reddish purple color while there are babies who are bornRead More →

One question when preparing for your new baby is how to decorate the crib. If you go in any baby store there are lots of options of cute bumper pads and beautiful matching blankets. You can find them in any theme you want: jungle animals, princess, spider man, and manyRead More →