Activities That Can Make Retirement Living Fun

Retirement living doesn’t have to be watching television all day. In fact, many facilities now offer a variety of activities to meet the growing demand of active seniors. Of course, as you age your abilities will diminish some, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle down. You can still have fun laughing and enjoying the company of your peers. That’s why we compiled a list of activities found in retirement living centers across the country. Maybe it will give you some ideas on what activities in which you want to take part.


Many facilities offer some form of dancing instruction at least once a month. In some places, this activity is actually a daily occurrence. That is because many seniors still enjoy getting up and cutting a rug. You can enjoy ballroom dancing, line dancing, and even swing dancing. Not only is this a great social opportunity for the young-at-heart, but it is also good exercise.

Virtual Sports

Video games are not just for kids. Many seniors enjoy using the motion controlled game systems to play games like bowling, tennis, or even baseball. By using gaming devices, you get to enjoy some healthy competition while playing sports that you may not be able to handle physically. You get to use all the same movements, so it feels like the real thing, but without the fear of throwing out your back.

Outdoor Activities and Field Trips

You like going places, but don’t want to do it alone, or can’t really drive anymore. It’s not a problem as many retirement living facilities offer fun field trips that you can attend. They do all the driving, and you get to enjoy seeing something new or enjoy a local sporting event.

You can also enjoy getting out in the great outdoors during these trips. Sure, you may not be able to hike ten miles, but it is fun to enjoy the fresh air.


Just because you’ve aged doesn’t mean you’ve stopped learning. There are many facilities that recognize that and offer classes or workshops to help keep your mind as sharp as ever. You can take classes in art or languages. Some even offer computer courses to help you master technology and keep in touch with family and friends. Some facilities even offer writing workshops that encourage seniors to chronicle their memories for loved ones.


No, you won’t be joining a gym, but many retirement living facilities offer low-impact fitness classes to keep residents moving. Tai Chi and yoga are often employed to help you keep flexible. Zumba classes may also be offered to help change the routine and give you another fun fitness option.

With so many options to choose from when it comes to activities put on by retirement communities, it is no wonder that seniors and families love them.

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