Get to Know Your Senior Living Options

As age takes hold, it becomes increasingly obvious for some that residing in their own home may not be the best solution. For many, it is the need to be surrounded by peers. For others, it is the inability to maintain the home. Whatever the reason may be, various senior living options can make it easier when the time comes.

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are popular with those who can take care of themselves rather well but lack the interaction they desire. These communities allow the elderly to rent or buy their own condominium or home. They are responsible for doing things like cleaning; however, they are often closer to local services and volunteer programs that might not have been available in their previous home. Some of these communities provide meals so that the residents do not have to fuss with cooking. Most importantly, they are around others who are similar in age, which can be great for those with families that live far away.

Living in Their Own Home

As with retirement communities, some elderly choose to stay in their own home or the home of a family member. Many home care services can come out to assist with things like in-home care for those who need medical attention. They also have assistants that can come out to do things like cleaning and shopping. It is a great senior living idea for those whose families live nearby and they will not be isolated from others their own age.

Assisted Living

Of course, those who need medical assistance, but still have some independence, can choose to go to an assisted-living facility. While more expensive than a retirement community, these places offer three meals a day, transportation, and on-site nursing to help with medication management. However, these options are not nursing homes and do not always accept residents that have severe medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Some may not be wheelchair accessible either; you should ask that of the manager before making any decisions.

Nursing Homes

While most would prefer to stay in their own homes, some seniors may have to go to nursing homes. These facilities are staffed with medical personnel and offer personal care to all of their patients. The staff manages medication, which helps to ensure the resident takes the medication as prescribed. Most who go here have severe medical conditions that require constant supervision. Some patients can take advantage of transportation to local stores and all will have transportation options for doctors’ appointments.

There are many senior living options from which to choose. Before making any decisions, do plenty of research and talk to family and friends about your decision. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to live the lifestyle you wish to live. Be sure to find out about options in your area that will allow you to remain in your home as long as you possibly can.

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