Is It Time Consider Assisted Living Facilities? 5 Tips To Help Decide

If you are starting to experience difficulty doing everyday tasks, you should consider getting additional help. Many seniors are choosing to hire caregivers and stay in their own homes. However, others like the idea of moving into a facility that allows them to retain some independence while also offering the level of care they need. If you fall into this latter category, you may want to consider assisted living facilities.

If you are trying to decide if a residential home is right for you, there are some important aspects to consider. You should determine how you feel about your safety, home maintenance, isolation, transportation, and the amount of help you need.

1. Safety

One of the first things you should consider is your safety. Maybe you have noticed that it is more difficult to get around the house. You may have stumbled trying to get in and out of the tub. You may have a fear that if you were to fall, you would not be able to get the help you need. All of these concerns could be alleviated by having a team of trained specialists around to help you when you need assistance and to, quite literally, be there to pick you up if you fall.

2. Home Maintenance

Are you having trouble maintaining your home? It may be more difficult to do simple things like mowing the lawn or doing housework. Washing clothes could be such a hassle that you tend just to wear the same things repeatedly.

3. Isolation

Your health or mobility may have started closing you off from the outside world, and it may be hard for you to get out and visit friends or take part in social activities like you used to. This isolation can be depressing, which doesn’t help your current condition. Assisted living facilities are communities where you can interact with your peers on a daily basis.

4. Transportation

Transportation could also be an issue for you. If you can’t drive anymore, it is difficult to do things like go shopping for groceries or even make it to a doctor’s appointment. While you could use public transportation, it is not always a convenient option in some areas.

5. Burden on Family

Your family helps you as much as they can, but you may feel as though you are a burden to them. You might also believe that you are taking time away from their families or social lives. In some cases, your family may love to help you, but they don’t live close enough to be of any assistance.

If you experience any of these problems, then you might want to research assisted living facilities as an option. These specialized homes allow you to maintain some of your independence while providing you the help you need. They offer housekeeping, meals, and social activities to keep you active. You can also arrange for transportation to shops or doctor’s appointments as needed.

Loved ones who habitually forget things or have frequent bruises need care beyond what they can give themselves. Assisted living facilities are designed to help your loved one retain some independence while aiding them with tasks they can no longer manage. It might be a hard discussion to have, but you should assure them that you are only looking out for their best interests.

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