The Blessings of a Family

Did you ever consider, where you’d be,

If it weren’t for the likes, of family?

Now some might think, family is kin,

But in that case, some should think again!

Like a fancy house, that is not a home,

Until there are folks, who make it their own.

When you arrive in this world, you have no choice,

You don’t have much, for a speaking voice.

You’re a gift to someone, who may not be,

Ready to accept, the responsibility,

Or who has never grown past, “all about me”,

And never realized, how life could be,

If they saw the gift, before their eyes,

And refused to accept, those devilish lies,

That caused them to think, a baby would steal,

The pleasures of life, they counted as real.

For some with minds, altered or gone,

Abused the chance, to be relied upon.

As taken away, to many other a home,

Still praying to find, a family to own,

The abuse some experience, along the way,

Causing damaged goods, needing repair one day.

While some get taken in, at an early age,

Others suffer sorrows, drunkenness, and rage.

Is it any wonder, some find it hard to adjust,

When life so far, has brought no one to trust?

It’s easy to think, “They should be like me,

Having been raised in the lap, of security.”

Ask around someday, and you will see,

How often folks lacked, a functional family!

How they hid inside, how life really was,

How they wondered if they, were somehow the cause!

How years they sacrificed, being happy and whole,

Until the day they find one, who will fill the role,

Of a worthy friend, who’ll stand by their side,

In spite of those things, still hidden deep inside.

So when you thank, your family,

For who you are, and what you’ll be,

Remember always, you make a choice,

Somewhere along the way, to find your voice.

Tell those who make up, Your Family,

How much they mean, with sincerity!

For the ones who shape, a healthy soul,

God uses as “Family”, in our lifetime role.



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