Where Do Suicides Go?

We shall now create a typical example of what happens to a person who commits suicide for one reason or the other. It does not actually matter the cause, but the results are similar.

Let us take a case of a jilted lover. In her opinion, life without her man is empty. After several blackmail of threatening to commit suicide, a girl finally drank poison and dies in a bid to “end it all”. She now laid down to die. Then the pain begins.

As she lay down, the pain continues to increase in leaps and bounds that in her agony she wished it to end. But it does not end. Rather it became worse. At a stage, she wished it to stop, wishing for anything, anything to stop the pain. She continued to shout the name of the man who has caused her to commit the suicide-“Paul, Paul, Paul!!”-until she finally feels relief. But no sooner has relief come than the process started from the beginning again. Thus she will continue to experience the agony, which begins gradually until ti’s critical stage just before death. It stops and starts again. This condition may last for centuries, until she has been made to learn the lesson that she has no right to take any life even if it is her own. Only then does she move to the plane where she should be. But then, soon, the coordinators, based on her wish, plans her next incarnation to make amends. She will be destined to meet the same man on earth again, and the same circumstances must present itself for her to overcome. May be it is a high level of infidelity from her man. She must come to terms with it and learn the necessary lessons.

If men can realize that reincarnation is behind many of the mysteries surrounding human endeavors, it will simplify issues. Even the stride of medicine, which has become rather meddlesome to nature, will then limit its activity to preventive medicine, which incidentally will be the focus of medicine of the future.

Hatred may also create conditions on earth that may, for example, result in conjoined twins. This is an extreme cease where two human souls, through various incarnations, have followed each other with hatred. One will always murder the other whenever they meet. Now it becomes imperative that they are joined together, such that one death automatically spell doom for the other.

Thus it used to be in the olden days. But modern medicine, in their intellectual wisdom, have dared to interfere in this natural Kama settlement in their separation. Most times, this action makes that earth-life a waste for the twins, as they never learn their lessons.

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